1. Booking can only be secured once a 50% deposit has been paid into Rus Tevrede’s bank account and confirmation of deposit is given by Rus Tevrede via e-mail.
  2. The balance must be paid 7 days before arrival date into Rus Tevrede’s bank account. Only paid guests will be allowed to occupy the Rus Tevrede premises.
  3. No occupation of Rus Tevrede premise will be allowed if nr. 1 and 2 of Terms and Conditions is not adhered to.
  4. No breakage deposit is required, but guests will be held responsible for any breakages during their stay which must be reported to the staff.
  5. The rules of the Dinokeng Game Reserve must be adhered to at all times since Rus Tevrede game lodge is inside the Game Reserve:
    • No loud music is allowed inside the Dinokeng Game Reserve and no music after 10pm.
    • No persons are allowed to walk in the Dinokeng Game reserve, because of wild animals and the Big 5 (Lions, Elephants, Leopards, Rhinos and Buffalo).
    • Paid Self-Drive routes are available and every vehicle should stay on the designated route. Self-drive can only be done from 6am to 6pm. No night drives are allowed.
    • Conservation fees per person (R30 per adult and R20 per child – subject to change) is for the guests account and must be paid by the guests as they exit the Dinokeng Game Reserve.
  6. No guests are allowed to walk outside the Rus Tevrede fencing, because of wild animals roaming, including the Big 5.
  7. No fires are allowed except at the designated braai and Boma areas.
  8. No smoking inside the Lodge allowed for health and safety reasons. (Thatch roof and gas appliances).
  9. All persons residing at Rus Tevrede at their own risk enter, dwell in or use the facilities at Rus Tevrede and waive all claims in this regard, against the owner and/or tenants and/or their receptive representatives, whether for bodily injury or loss of or damage to property. Any person/s accompanying or in control of a minor or a person with limited capacity indemnify/ies  (where more than one person, jointly and severally) the owner/tenants/representatives against any such aforesaid claim by such minor or person.
  10. Occupation can take place at the earliest at 2pm on the date of booking, unless otherwise arranged with owner.
  11. Departure on the day of leaving must be the latest at 12pm, unless otherwise arranged with owner.